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Habitations Auclair Grenier | Icone

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Habitations Auclair Grenier | Icone

Your home, custom-made to your desires

From a country cottage to a high-end contemporary home, Habitations Auclair Grenier builds your home according to your specific desires.

Thanks to our expertise and passion, your property is built according to your style and budget.

Habitations Auclair Grenier | Icone

Your turnkey construction project

Do you dream of a custom ready-built home?

Habitations Auclair Grenier has developed an exclusive partnership with Embois, a construction company specialized in creating and developing ready-to-build houses from wooden beams and posts.

Habitations Auclair Grenier guides you throughout the entire process, from plan creation to complete design, down to the selection of custom architectural elements, the prefabrication of wooden parts, and the construction of your home.

Our team works with modern tools and techniques and precisely controls every production stage so that all our construction projects are flawlessly completed within the set deadlines.

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